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ribete-rojo special packs ribete-rojo

We have developed a series of unique packs specially designed to match your needs and tastes. Try our Sailor Pack, our Premiun Makerel Pack or the one and only Galician Pack. The very best gourmet flavors tinned just for you.

ribete-rojo SEAFOOD ribete-rojo

We offer fish and seafood that never lack in any pantry, such as mackerel , sardines and squid . Also other less common varieties such as caviar substitute.

ribete-rojo VEGETABLES AND LEGUMES ribete-rojo

It is advisable to take 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day . Our canned vegetables are ready to consume, quickly and easily. In addition, you will be able to cook an authentic English Breakfast with our tasty Baked Beans.

ribete-rojo FRUITSribete-rojo

Preserved in its natural juice or light syrup, which provide a softer texture and retain the natural flavour as far as to enhance it . Additionally, you will be able to choose when to consume it. No more rush in eating fruit rapidly to avoid having to throw it away.

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