Our canned food is only boiled, with no extra manipulation to maintain the properties of the food without the need of additives.
A wide range of products that keep the nutritional qualities of food intact thanks to a rapid heat treatment of the conserve.
Our conservation process is under strict control, from the collection of raw materials to the point of sale. King John’s canned food include the preparation date and batch number.
Comfortable: the best quality food adapted to the pace of modern life.
Practical: easy opening and lighter package.
Affordable to your economy: better quality for less price.
Our cans do not need refrigeration, which is an important saving of energy. Also, steel as the main raw material is the most recycled metal in the world.

Quite the opposite. King John’s cans help maintain vitamins, proteins and other nutrients. Moreover, the preparation process is quickly performed to prevent nutrients loss.
Yes. They have an eat-by date printed on the tin, which means that thay may lose taste, texture or appearance over the time.
Depends on the preserving liquid: if it is covered in oil, it will last up to six years and four years for water or sauces.
To enjoy the full flavor and nutritional characteristics of the product , we recommend consuming it in full once the packaging is opened. In case you do not consume it in full, you should keep it refrigerated for a maximum of 24 hours in a different container than the can.
Quite the contrary. You will find concentrated In the liquid most of the nutrients and vitamins , which will provide a delicious flavor to the dish.
Of course. The steel that is used in our cans is one of the most recyclable packaging that exists. So is the outer carton. We recommend throwing them in proper containers.
Yes, if you do so in the original container, open it and remove the top cover. Cover the open end with foil paper. Then place the container in a pan full of water and cook it over low heat. Never heat the can in the microwave.