Squid is one of the most well-known and most highly valued foods, a star ingredient for both Granny’s seafood stew and for the most exquisite elaborations of the nouvelle cuisine.

An explosion of protein, low in fat and calories, perfect for those that are taking care of themselves and follow a balanced diet. It has no shortage of minerals, vitamins and iodine, it has it all! There ways of preparing it are as infinite as its nutritional benefits, which one will you choose? At King John we recommend squid portions, easy to eat, especially for children.

King John presents squid in American sauce and in their ink, so that you can enjoy them as you prefer.


Box of 32 units, Boxes per pallet: 80. Total units per pallet: 2,560.

EAN: 8410639 118311, DUN: 4 8410639 11831 9